“Manchester might not be happy but Channel 5 are delighted,” said Nick Bampton, commercial sales director at Channel 5

Nick Bampton, commercial sales director at Channel 5

Richard Desmond’s Channel 5 could be set for a £13m windfall due to the increase in viewers expected when Manchester United and Manchester City join the Europa League competition.

With the two Premiership giants knocked out of the Champions League on Wednesday, Channel 5 is expected to achieve record viewing audiences when its coverage of the Europa League begins next year.

The average viewing of last year’s Europa matches was about 1.4m, according to media agency analysis of Channel 5’s viewing figures. Ties are show on Thursday night

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Is this the worst Man U ad ever?

Manchester United team is known as the Red Devils: The wine brand icon is a devil too.
The last sentence ( in english) ” A new Devil in the team “ refers to the new sponsor. Get it?

Manchester United is building its own branded global social network and media outlet

Manchester United is building its own branded global social network and media outlet, with the aim of targeting its international base of an estimated 350m supporters.

Manchester United: developing its own global social network for fans
Manchester United: developing its own global social network for fans

The Premier League-winning side has appointed SapientNitro as its global digital agency, to handle its digital strategy, digital marketing communications and online experience.

The agency will help to design and build a digital platform that will provide a network for Manchester United fans worldwide, rolling out in stages over the next two years.

The club has identified a target of more than 500m fans, after research agency TNS estimated a potential global audience of 660m with an allegiance to the club. The Manchester United Facebook page has attracted 20m fans in the year since it launched. Continue reading

The HandCNews.com Football Pie League goes to Old Trafford

Last week a colleague went to sample the Portman Pie at Ipswich Town (the review can be seen here) and I went off to Old Trafford to test the pie offering there. I went with my two youngest sons Richard and Daniel as we are all big Utd fans.

Before the game we went for a late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester and on a food related note I would give the burger and chips a 9/10 and the friendly service a 10/10, well done and thanks.

Anyway back to the pies at Old Trafford. At half time in the Champions League Quarter Final match against Chelsea I went to investigate. The catering facilities have to cater for a crowd of 76,000 and I must say although busy the foodservice was excellent and quick.

There was a good choice of pie available and I opted for Chicken and Mushroom. I took it back to my seat and let it cool for 5 mins as the heat from it warned not to eat immediately.

The verdict…a perfectly acceptable pie but nothing I could really add beyond that. They seemed to be selling loads of pies and the away fan vote for Man Utd in the league is 4th best, so maybe my taste buds were out of sync. It was tasty, it was hot and I enjoyed it, if you have tried a pie at Old Trafford, I would appreciate your verdict.

We are looking at travelling to more grounds to sample more pies, so watch this space for more reviews.

Denis Sheehan, Hospitality and Catering News

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Who hurled a cheese and onion pie at Manchester United fans?

Three  football yobs – including one from Chester who hurled a cheese and onion pie at Manchester United fans and another who threw oranges – have received three-year football banning orders.

Liverpool fan Lee Jackson, 29, of Blacon Point Road in Blacon, threw the pastry after Ryan Giggs opened the scoring from the penalty spot during the FA cup clash at Old Trafford last month.

It was one of a number of heated crowd incidents during the match.

Bar worker Jackson had the banning order imposed on him by District Judge Paul Richardson at Manchester Magistrates Court.

He had been fined £50 with £85 court costs at an earlier hearing at the court after he pleaded guilty to throwing a missile at a spectators’ area.

Fellow Liverpool fans Yasin Patel and Joseph Silker were also hit with three-year banning orders. Continue reading